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Pet-Sitting and House-sitting in Burlington from a Trusted Company

Dog Walks


Dogs require exercise and stimulation in order to stay happy and healthy. We provide experienced adults to take your dog for a 30-minute walk, always on a leash, and only one dog at a time unless there is more than one dog in the same house. At the conclusion of the walk, paws will be wiped and fresh water and food will be given, if necessary. Notes will be left, especially if anything noteworthy happens.

Cat Care


Although cats are generally quite independent, they usually love attention. We have adult, experienced caregivers who will provide the love and attention they require. Fresh water and food will be given. The litterbox will be cleaned and the pet will be brushed. Notes will be left at the conclusion of each visit, especially if anything unusual happens.

Live-In-Care Services


Hire an adult, who loves pets, to live in your home while you’re away. This is a great alternative to a kennel. Pets are happier and healthier staying at home where their routines remain the same and they are comfortable in their own environment. It is also a deterrent to potential break-ins. This service includes the caregiver staying overnight and one daytime visit. Mail and newspapers will be taken in, house plants watered and most importantly your pet will receive the love and attention it needs.


Home Security Checks


Count on us to protect your home while you are away. Regular visits will be made as determined at our contract signing meeting. We suggest that you get advice from your insurance company regarding the number of visits required. At each visit we: check all doors and windows, monitor the thermostat, take in mail and newspapers, check for water leaks, water house plants, turn lights off and on. This service is a great deterrent to a break in.

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